Maple Specialty Food Contest!

Maple Coffee CakeCalling All Vermonters!

In conjunction with the Governor’s Tree Tapping, February 28, 2017, at Silloway Maple in Randolph Center, there will be a maple specialty foods contest open to Vermont residents. We hope to see how cooks from all around Vermont use our favorite agricultural product, maple syrup, in their cooking. We are excited to have a panel of students from The New England Culinary Institute coming down from Montpelier to do the judging.

All entries must have been produced in Vermont, and contain pure Vermont maple syrup. Entries may be sweet or savory. Please attach your recipe. There will be three categories: Business, Adult over 18, and Child.

Entry container must not have any identification or label. Please bring your entry in a disposable container, or plan to take it home following the contest.

All products must be delivered to the Silloway Maple sugarhouse at 1303 Boudro Road between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 28. Please call 272-6249 to arrange for drop off at an earlier time.

Judging will begin at 10:00. Winners will be announced when judging is finished, and the winner will receive one gallon of maple syrup, grade of their choice.

Contest winners may be interviewed, and winning recipes will be published.

Thank you for showcasing how Vermont’s sweetest product can be used!

Judging Criteria

Prominence of Maple: 20 points

Appearance: 10 points

Flavor: 20 points

Texture: 10 points

Presentation: 10 points

Uniformity of size: 10 points

Overall Quality: 20 points

Total: 100 Points

Vermont Maple Cookbook

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