Off to the Sugarwoods

And the snow conditions are…variable! Yesterday we worked in the woods, in a steady rain. Each branch, each twig was frosted in ice. I floundered a bit in the mushy snow, well, alright, I actually went down face first twice. Today was different, as the crust was hard and beautifully shiny. The boys dove headfirst, sliding down hummocks on their stomachs, looking like young otters. I stayed on top for the most part, occasionally dropping through, with a loud “Humph!” Walking out of the woods on the logging trail, conditions changed, and there was the odd, widespread sinking of the crust all around me, with each step. At the top of the pasture, home in sight, I could not walk, the crust was so hard and slippery. I sat down and slid home, no sled needed.

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