Reds, Golds, And Oranges – The Sugar Maple’s Second Crop

Sugar Maple LeavesA farmer, a maple sugarmaker, a homemaker, a mother…common, ordinary, rather humble job titles to many. Little do they know that I walked to work today (looking over sap lines in the woods), on a royal jeweled carpet. Like a child, I picked up the most beautiful until my hands could hold no more. A confetti shower swirled about me as the breeze carried the leaves down, and I looked in awe at the blazing oranges, reds and yellows. Some lay in the little pools of water beside the brooks that run along our mainline, sparkling in the sun.The air was heavy and sweet, as I pressed through dense underbrush of ferns and blackberries. A great variety of mosses and fungi begged to be brought home to identify, and my finest prize was this nest to hang in our kitchen.

Bees Nest