Maple Buttons

Beat one half cup butter, three fourths cup peanut butter, three fourths cup maple sugar, and one egg together. Add one and three fourths cup of flour, one teaspoon baking powder, and one half teaspoon salt. Chill, then roll into small balls and make a thumbprint in the center of each cookie. Bake twelve minutes at 350 degrees on parchment lined cookie sheet. Cool, and fill each thumbprint with a small spoonful of maple cream. Maple Cream. Boil one pint of maple syrup to soft ball stage, about 232 degrees. Cool without moving to room temperature, then stir constantly, until the cream has a spreadable consistency. Maple Sugar. Boil one pint of maple syrup to 265 degrees. Stir, until all moisture is evaporated, and sugar granulates. Sieve to remove lumps of sugar. Use care when working with hot syrup. Run a bit of butter around the rim of the pan to keep the syrup from boiling over. There will be plenty of cream or sugar left over for the next recipe, or for enjoying on toast. Or, click HERE to order your cream and sugar in our store!